Litote Oats

Zachariah (1971). Not great, but not bad. The spirit is right in spite of itself. Elvin Jones is the man.

Daniel Boone


• o.g. goldwater dan

• theme by lionel newman (uncle of randy)

• he shoots bears & injuns

• fess parker also played davey crockett


• kinder, gentler dan (rabbit trap, indian friend)

• my favorite musical version.  goofy structure, baroque changes

• sounds like they’re singing “what a dream connoisseur was he”


• wife & kids dan

• “groovy” musical version as sung by the imperials (not little anthony & the imperials of “tears on my pillow” fame, but the christian vocal group)

LIMBO DISTRICT (1983) - there’s practically no information about this athens GA band:

wooh!!!  eugenics!  now more than ever….

Homo Sapiens 1900 (1998)

I’ve only recently discovered John Berger’s excellent 1972 series Ways of Seeing which is sort of Marxist rebuttal to Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation. Apparently, the program has been force-fed to more than a few students over the years, judging by some of the exasperated negative comments on YouTube.  But I really enjoyed Berger’s presentation, the soundtrack (some of which was composed by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire), and the program’s earnestly didactic tone which to me is peculiar to the early 70s. 

I was then pleased to learn that Berger also co-wrote several films with Swiss director Alain Tanner including one of my favorites - Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 which includes this excellent ditty: